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This site contains genealogical information about our ancestors and their descendants. 

We are:


Clarice and Joe Burval

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Telephone: (304) 346-2093



Go to the Family Genealogies below if you know the name of the family you are seeking.   Click on the Master Name Index or Master Surname Index or Site Search buttons in the top menu if you are seeking a specific person or family name.  Click on How To Use This Site for more information.



Our  site is divided into over 25 major family genealogies, each starting with one of our oldest direct ancestors.  By clicking  on any of those family genealogies you will be taken to the "Introduction Page" of that family.  Those genealogies are listed below:  (Note: Information on LIVING individuals is not posted on this web site.)




We have been researching our family history for many years.  Unfortunately, we are no longer doing research or are active in extending or updating our family lines.  We will however,  respond to any queries concerning those lines.  

Much of our genealogy work has been transfered to Family Tree on the LDS (Mormon) Church’s FamilySearch.org site where anyone is able to freely access, download, correct, update or add information to Family Tree.  We recommend that people consider transferring their genealogy work to the Family Tree at http://www.familysearch.org  Family Tree is making good progress in meeting its intended goal to create a single family tree where the entire human race is connected with only one entry for each person. The site is free to use and open to all.  You do not have to be a member of the LDS Church to join or use the site. 

Our practice had been to identify our oldest direct ancestors using proven genealogical research methods and then include as many of their descendants in our database as we can identify.  Our database numbers nearly 25,000 individuals all related to us, with about one-half of them living.