Searching for Information on a Family


If you know the name of the family you are interested in, you may click that families genealgoy listed near to bottom of the Main Page, under "Family Genealogies" or by clicking on "Family Genealogies" in the menu item at the top of any page.   That will take you to an Introduction page which contains or has links to:


         General Information on that specific family

         A Family Tree starting with the progenitor of the family

         A list of all members of that family and links to their "Person Page"

         The names of notable persons in that family

         Documents, Photo or Articles about the family


Searching for an Individual


You may search for individual names by using the "Master Index" or "Surname Index" in the top menu bar. By clicking on an individual's name in the those indexes you will be taken to the "Person Page" of that individual and be able to read what we know about that individual including the family (or families) he/she is a member of. 


Person Pages


The "Person Page" is the heart of this site as they contain most of what we know about important events in the life of each individual.  The "Person Page" contains:


         Birth or Maiden name of individual

         "Family Explorer" Button (the little blue camera)

         Dates and places of major events in the life of the individual

         Parents, Spouse(s) and Children names

         Biographical and other Information

         Citations showing source of information


By clicking on any names on the "Person Page" you will taken to the person page of that named individual.  


The "Person Page" also contains links to all the families that the person is a member of and all the charts (trees) that person is shown on. The "Person Page" also shows the family progenitor from which the individual descends and his/her relationship to that families progenitor. 


Most of the information on the "Person Page" is cited by a short citation footnote following the list of children.   By clicking on the short citation footnotes the full "Source Citation" will appear. (The short citations may also contain links to web sites which show allow one to view the actual document.)  A unique "Family Explorer" button (the little blue camera)  is also included just below the individual's name and dates of birth/death.  By clicking on this "Family Explorer" button a small screen will appear showing three generations of that individual's ancestors, their siblings, spouses and children.  By clicking on any of the names shown on the small screen you will be taken to the "Person Page" of that individual.  This allows one to browse backward in time to identify the individual's ancestors via either parent or browse forward to learn more about the individuals children.


Master Place Index


You may search for a place or location by clicking on the "Master Place Index" button in the top menu bar. By clicking on any of the places listed you will see a listing of all persons who participated in a genealogical event at that place.  This can be very useful in determining, for example, who was born or is buried in the same place.


Site Search


You may also use the "Site Search" button in the top menu bar to search the entire site for any words, names or places.


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