This is a genealogy about Solomon Kimble (1809-1878) and his descendants who lived in Olive Furnace, Lawrence County Ohio and West Virginia.

John Kimble (1865-1834), the father of Solomon Kimble (1809-1878), was one of the first to settle in Lancaster, Fairfield County Ohio in the very early 1800's. The Northwest Territory had been acquired from the British at the end of the Revolunary War in 1787 and the territory was opening up to settlers rapidly.  Ohio did not become a state until 1803 and the village of Lancaster was founded in 1805.

In 1796, Ebenezer Zane (1747-1811) American pioneer, road builder and speculator obtained permission and funds from the United States Congress to build a road, called "Zane's Trace" through the Northwest Territory from Wheeling, Virginia to Maysville, Kentucky.  The road passed through Lancaster where it crossed the Hocking River. Scioto rivers. The road was a rudimentary path and at first suitable only for travel by foot or on horseback (not wagon).  It was the only major road in Ohio until the War of 1812. It is no doubt on this road that the Kimble family came into Ohio.

By 1813, the Kimble family had moved into adjacent Hocking County and in the 1830's Solomon Kimble (1808-1878) moved south into Lawrence County, Ohio where his sons worked as miners of iron ore to feed the iron furnaces of Lawrence County. By the late 1800's family members migrated into the surrounding counties in Ohio and West Virginia.

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