The Burval Name and Family Lines

The Burval/Burival name is very rare and of distinct Czech origin with the name found in records dating from 1575.  The Czech records show this family to be found in small villages in the Bohemia-Moravian Highlands of the Czech Republic.  The name is consistently found in Czech records spelled as Buřval or Buřival.  Early records have a spelling as Buřvala and there is often a normal use of rz instead of the ř and a w instead of a v.  Other than these variations, the spelling is very consistent, which is remarkable for records spanning several hundred years.  This consistency in spelling and rarity of the name provides considerable assurances that when that name is found in a record the person found is a member of this family.  The name is spelled with a hacek accent mark over the r in the Czech Republic and in the United States the hacek mark is not used.  We estimate that in the Czech Republic there are less than 300 living people with the Buřval surname and less than 100 living people using the Buřival surname today. In the United States there are less than 25 persons with the surname name Burval and less than 25 persons with the surname Burival living in the United States today.

Our work to date shows three distinct Burval family lines. Unfortunately, we have not been able to link these three family lines together so we present them as separate families in the genealogies below.   However, these three families are located in bordering districts within 30 miles of each other thus strongly suggesting that they are related. 

The three family lines are:  (Click on the family line to go to that family's introduction page)