Translatation of 1871 Christening of Emily Halter at Rokitno Church, Poland


No. 110

Jozefow Halter, Emilija Compiled in Rokitno on 5/17 September, 1871, at 2:00 PM. Appeared Marcin Halter, laborer from Jozefow, 52, in the presence of Jan Kaminski, 33, and Gottlieb Hetke, 28, workers from Jozefow, and presented us with a female infant, declaring that she was born in Jozefow on 2/14 of this month and year at 4:00 PM of his legal wife Katarzyna nee Wuncz, 28. At the rite of Holy Baptism concluded today, the child was given the name of EMILIJA. Godparents were Jan Kaminski and Tekla Swidarski. This act read aloud to the illiterate declarant and witnesses and signed only by me. Fr. Godlewski, rector and registrar.