Translation of 1866 Christening of Wincenty Halter at Rokitno Church, Poland

Record Rokitno Parish Book for 1866, ACT 129

It did happen in Rokitno in the first day of November one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six years at four o'clock in the afternoon. Appeared in Maurycy Halter shoemaker residing in Wolica, forty-eight years old, in the presence of Wincenty Jochanowskiego qualified craftsmen blacksmith, twenty-six years old, and Joseph Halter labourer, thirty-eight years old, both residing in Wolica, and presented us a male child, declaring he is born in Wolica, on the twentieth day of October of the current year at eight o'clock in the morning, with his wife, Katarzyna born Wonsch twenty-three years old. On the holy baptism held today the child was given the name Wincenty and his godparents were above mentioned Wincenty Jochanowski and Michalina Trojanowska. This act was read to the present and witnesses who do not know how to write, by us alone has been signed. Priest Antoni Woyt...nicki Administrator of Parish Rokitno, keeping Civil Vital Records Registry