Frances Carroll Becker Bible


This Bible record consists of four surviving pages from the Frances Carroll Becker (1844-1919) Bible. The pages are entitled "Family Record" and have in ink script the birthdates of Frances Carroll Becker’s siblings and her children. These pages are the only know pages from the the original bible. These pages were found in the Bible of Annie Belle Moore Becker, wife of Justin Michael Becker. Annie Belle Moore Becker’s Bible and the Frances Carroll Becker Bible pages are in the possession of Ann Fussell, Moray Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas. Ann Fussell is the oldest granddaughter of Annie Belle Moore Becker by an earlier marriage of Annie Moore Becker and is not a Carroll descendant. Translated below is my interpretation of the writing on the pages;

Patrick Carrol was born June 30, 1836

Dannel Carrol was born December 18, 1838

Willson Carrol was bom January 18, 1842

Francis Carrol was born May 8, 1844

Mary Aneatha Carrol was born December 5, 1846

Waulton E. Carrol was born December 21, 1848

Sollomon (maybe Sollamm?] Carrol was born April

Michael James [] and

Francis Carrol was married Jan. (June?) 10, 1869

James Daniel Becker was born March 9, 1870

John Ruffus Becker was born December 20, 1871

Justin Michael Becker was born January 21, 1873

Henry Louis Becker was born [] 1879

Emma Josephine Becker was born November [j, 18[]

[Edena May Becker born October 21, 1914] [granddaughter?]

The above provided to J. T. Burval in 1999 by Sharon Becker Jarrell, 8315 Stagewood Dr, Humble, TX 77338