Burval Family of Janovice

The Burval Family of Janovice do not appear in records until the 1690's in the area of Janovice, Chrudin, Czech Republic. The oldest Burval Families we have found from the Janovice area are those of Jan Buřval (c1675- ) and his wife, Evy of the Zdechovice area near the village of Kostelec u Hermanova Mestce and Václav Buřval (c1665- )and his wife, Kateřina of the village of Bylany, near the town of Chrudim. These families and their descendants lived in the Bohemian Highlands of the Czech Republic in the areas and villages of Janovice, Stolany, Pohled, Hermanuv Mestec, Morašice, Stolany and Chrudim since the 15th centrury./p>

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